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Authorized local watch dealers are those who provide wholesale distribution of high-end import watches in their local region, in this case, Japan.  With their distribution agreement with oversea brand name watch manufactures, they are delegated by the brand owner for the wholesale supply of their watches in the local areas. Authorized retailers (including manufacturer’s direct retail stores) are those who sell the luxury watches through the authorized dealers. Genuine import watches or so-called “licensed import watches” apply to those sold exclusively in those authorized retail shops. Having recognized the reliability of the supply chain, a “licensed watch” will be delivered through such supply chain to you with definite credibility. And off course, there is no way that any counterfeit, refurbished or pre-owned watches are included in the authorized supply system.

Warranty is another advantage you will enjoy with your “licensed watch” purchased from an authorized retailer.  Warranty service and repairs for those “licensed watches” works exactly the same as it does in the original country of manufacture.
Authorized retailers are fully prepared to accommodate any issues you may come across with the watch you bought from them.
In addition to the globally recognized warranty on the import watches, our local retailers also issue a Japanese version of warranty of their own.

This “local” certificate bears name of the purchaser who will also be listed as the registered watch owner.

If you like to enjoy a nice long life of your high-end watch, please make sure to buy a genuine timepiece from an authorized retailer where well-established and dedicate warranty service is available.


When an international warranty comes with a watch you bought, it means that that the watch you bought is a real deal. This also assures that all official retailers across the world repair free of charge any incidental damage (e.g., malfunction) that occurs under normal use within a specific warranty period.
However, if the watch you bought is not from an authorized dealer, it may not be serviced or repaired by the local authorized retailer for various reasons.
Incomplete warranty certificates cannot be accepted as the warranty period cannot be determined if Date of Purchase or Dealer Name is missing.


It would be ideal for mechanical watches to be serviced at every few years.  Maintenance or overhaul services are provided to “licensed watches” by the manufacturer’s maintenance center or authorized watch repair shops.
Some watch manufactures may service on expired warranty period at a discount rate.
With the perfect after-sale services by the brand owner’s dedicated service experts, the authorized retailers will provide you with all services to maintain your precious timepiece.


Licensed import watches are delivered directly from an authorized import dealer. These dealers are authorized to do so with their distribution agreement with the brand owner. This means that their distribution channels are reliable and it automatically brings trust and credibility to the merchandise that is delivered to you through the supply channel.
On the other hand, the “gray market” import watches have some disadvantages. Not all the “gray market” supply chain is reliable. The ‘gray market’ watches do not receive the same level of in-warranty or repair service available to the genuine watches. And the repair cost tends to be high.
Another reason why a genuine watch is recommended is that it will give you the assured quality.  The genuine watches tend to have low rate of manufacturer defect as they are carefully inspected by the licensed dealers before shipping.
If you are looking for your long-time favorite watch, please be sure to buy a licensed high-end import watch.

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